Herbal Allies for Lactation Support

Herbal Allies for Lactation Support

The intricate process involved in breastmilk production can become affected by many factors, such as hydration status, stress, diet, smoking, medication, caffeine, and alcohol intake. What to do when we are moms on the go or at work? Herbal galactagogues may provide some assistance.

A galactagogue refers to a substance that increases breastmilk production or flow. Botanicals such as common household spices; both fennel seed and anise are two common examples. There is good supporting evidence that drinking herbal teas high in galactagogue-containing herbs in postpartum months can keep production up.

These herbs are one of many aides that can be implemented for efficient breast milk production. A common concern with lactating mothers is the risk of mastitis or cracked and painful nipples. You can also implement herbs to help prevent mastitis and improve nipple integrity. For more information, please schedule an appointment with one of our physicians.

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